Zuihoden Mausoleum

The mausoleum of the first feudal lord of Sendai

By Stefanus Husin   Jul 14, 2014

This is located in Sendai and you can easily reached this place by taking the JR Shinkansen Hayabusa line which is the fastest Shinkansen in the Tohoku line. If you have JR East Pass then it is all covered for you and there is not extra cost at all to go to Sendai! Take a look for more information here JR East Pass.

The Zuihoden Mausoleum is the tomb of Date Masamune, one of the great feudal lords of the Edo period. Also at this popular Sendai attraction are other graves of Date family members, several of which feature rare Momoyama style architecture. Most of Zuihoden was burnt down in 1945 because of the war and it was rebuilt in 1979. Inside the museum, you will be able to see some of artifacts of the Date family and even some of their bones and hair specimens.

As you walk around the area, you will notice that the area is surrounded by gigantic cedar trees. The setting creates a tranquil and peaceful feeling. You will feel that you have been transported back in time and away from all the sounds of the bustling city.

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Elena Lisina a year ago
It reminds me Nikko!
Yuna Gena a year ago
The gate's decoration is quite different yet attractive. Like it.
謝名智 2 years ago