Nagasaki offers a host of spring celebrations and those visiting the prefecture will find plenty to do. Read on to discover some of the best festivals the prefecture has to offer.

Omura Flower Festival (おおむら花まつり)

March 25th - June 20th @ Omura Park

During the spring, Omura Park hosts various flower (hana) viewing festivals across several months. Though most are centered on the famous cherry blossom trees that can be enjoyed throughout Japan, Omura Park showcases a over 21 different types of cherry blossoms. It is even the home of the Omurazakura cherry blossom with is considered a national treasure in Japan. It is definitely worth a visit to this park during the spring so that you can sit down with the locals and appreciate the stunning views as you munch your way through a picnic.

The Kanoukaen (観櫻火宴)

4th Saturday of March @ Unzen

Kankoukaen known as the “Fire Banquet” or “200 Samurai Warrior Parade with a torch” is located in Tsengochi (Chiwa) in Nagasaki Prefecture. Each character of the festival name Kan-on-ka-en represents a certain aspect of the festival. KAN meaning “seeing”, OH is “sakura or Japanese cherry tree”, KA represents “fire”, and EN means “feast, party, or festival.” The festival occurs at night surrounded by blooming sakura trees and the light of the many torches carried by its participants. During the procession you will hear chants of IYASAKA meaning prosperity shouted by the 200 warriors while viewing the sakura trees under the night sky. If you would like to join as a participant there is an application form on the Kanokaen home page.

Saikai Bridge Whirlpool Festival (西海橋うず潮のまつり)

Late March to early April 2018 @ Hario Higashi Machi, Sasebo, Nagasaki

This festival is held in Spring at the Saikai Bridge Park. It has a particularly spectacular scenery and is a popular flower viewing destination. The Inoura Strait (Hario-seto Strait) is referred as one of the three great rapid tides of Japan, is also a place where you can spot whirlpools at any moment! In April, visitors can enjoy a rare view of close to 1000 cherry trees blooming in abundance against the contrast of the whirlpools from the Saikai bridge. There are stalls and events suitable for all ages during the cherry blossom season, and nearby Toto Ichiba is also a great place for souvenirs and seafood year-round.

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